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Description Price

Hall Hire charges based on minimum of five hours (Between 9:00am to 11:00pm)

Use of Kitchen £150.00
Preperation time if required £50.00 per hour.  
Cleaning charges compulsory. £75.00
Extra time if required from 11.00p.m.  To 12.00a.m. Midnight £100.00
Security Deposit (Against any delay or damage to property) £300.00
Total Payable


*[*Please see Terms & Conditions below the online form]




Terms & Conditions:

The management means, the owner of the hall.

The hirer means the person named on this form for the hire of the premises.

1: Hall must be vacant to lock by our staff at the finishing time. Any delay upto half hour will be charged £100.00 and £200.00 for one hour based. So please make sure that everyone is out of the building, including DJ and the catering staff. Please make sure that you should be available to sign the Time sheet, if not, whoever will sign the sheet, and you will accept that finishing time without any argument.

2: Music must be switched off one hour prior to the finishing time.

3: Rubbish must be packed in black bags and to be left outside the building in our car park.

4:  At the time of finish, please sign the time sheet which will confirm the finishing time and that all the rubbish is being removed and packed in black bags and being placed in the car park. If the clean charges are paid, even then you should not leave any paper plates, Plastic glasses, empty cans and bottles or food on the tables or anywhere in the hall. If the rubbish in not packed in black bags, we will deduct £25.00 from your deposit.

5: No refund will be made of the booking deposit £300.00 once this contract is signed, and if the booking is cancelled less than six weeks of the function, we will claim full amount of the booked time.(Even if it is still outstanding for any reason).

6: 50% will be deducted of the booking time, if the booking is cancelled less than 12 weeks or more.

7: The hirer shall not , without prior consent of the management of BINA , use the premises or any part thereof for any purpose other that stated on this form and the hirer shall not, without such consent, sub-let any part of the premises to any other person. In the event of breach of this condition the hirer shall forfeit use of the premises and shall also forfeit to the management of BINA. Any sum paid by him for such hire. The management shall also be at the liberty to re-let the premises to any other person.

8: The premises shall be in the care and custody of the hirer, who shall accept full responsibility for the preservation of the order during the function, and will indemnify the cost of any loss or damage
Cost incurred by the management as a consequence of his use of the premises. The Management cannot in any circumstances accept responsibility or liability for any damage, loss of property, articles or things whatsoever placed or left on the premises by the hirer or any other person.  

9: No nail, tacks, drawing pins or staples shall be driven into any part of the walls, ceiling  or floor of the building, and no preparations shall be used for polishing or altering the floor. No adhesive tape, pads or other substance may be used to affix materials of any sort to any part of the building. The attachment of ropes to columns or ceiling is expressly forbidden. The use of flammable decoration is forbidden.

10: Please do not touch or remove any lights. Any bulb missing from the light will be charged.

11: Although every care has been taken to provide lighting, Air conditioning and heating in the hall, Gas, Light and water supply in the kitchen and equipments in working order, Lights and Water supply in the toilets and drainage system is working properly before the letting date and time, however in case of failure of any service on the function day, we will try to restore the same service in working order, we would not refund any money.

12: Please take care of your belongings as the management or the caretaker will not be responsible for any loss.

13: Please provide a photocopy of your PASSPORT OR Driving Licence as identification of the person who is booking the hall. We do not accept booking made on behalf of other person. The security deposit will be returned to the person whose name is on the booking form.

14: We have explain to you about the fire exits of the building and about the fire extinguisher, where they are and how they work, please confirm by signing below that you have understood whatever is being explained to you about safety of your guests and yourselves.

15: The deposit of £300.00 will only be returned after receiving the confirmation sheet from our staff, confirming the finishing time and rubbish is being packed in black bags. The confirmation sheet must be signed by you or by your relative/friend and our staff.

16: Please do not remove the stage from its existing place, by removing the stage; it will damage the wooden floor. If the stage is being removed, we will charge you £50.00 as penalty.

17: We will not accept any E-mail instruction or any cancellation request of the hall booking.